Ali el Jabiry The Iron Man
Ali el Jabiry The Iron Man
Ali el Jabiry The Iron Man
Ali el Jabiry The Iron Man

He is, as it is commonly called, an artistic blacksmith, but the word artist and the first that comes to mind when we discover his work.

Ali el Jabiry, crowned with the "Sanaat Bladi" innovation prize in 2011, was also elected best craftsman in the kingdom the same year by the Ministry of Crafts ... And he is only 28 years old. Meet.

Very young already, ali loved to draw, and it was at the age of 14 that he chose a training as a metalworker seven years later. He wanted to express himself, a need to create for himself and not for others. , it was then that he opened his own workshop: “at the beginning, I had to do what my clients asked me to do in order to earn a living. Doors, windows ...

But after a while, I met people who encouraged me in the artistic way. I showed my designs and little by little clients trusted me and I was able to let my imagination run wild.

It was the charai (casa taos) family that finally made me realize that I was a full-fledged artist! ".

Ali thanks to the fame of "Sanaat Bladi", can now define himself as a designer and free artist, he first draws his future realization, then takes action: truly original tables, chairs and armchairs, like the thematic of the razor which was declined under the name Zazouar.

"I like complicated shapes, I like to create new things, to invent all the time. I worked all night to show you this table today. "

A coffee table that seems very convoluted and must have required long hours of thought and calculations…, “I work without thinking, my inspiration is endless. It is a gift from God. "

Ali then rocks the table which, when standing, looks like a shelf… his next creation! But like any artist, he won't stop there, he now wants to work and mix other materials like wood and ceramics.

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